Secrets to Winning at Office Politics
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Career Success Books

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Power Talk: Using Language to

Build Authority and Influence,

Sarah McGinty

The 12 Bad Habits that

Hold Good People Back,

James Waldroop &

Timothy Butler


Type Talk,

Otto Kroeger

Difficult Conversations,

Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton,

Sheila Heen, & Roger Fisher


Crucial Conversations,

Kerry Patterson


Shadow Syndromes,

John J. Ratey MD

Never Eat Alone

Keith Ferrazzi


Why Smart People Make

Big Money Mistakes

Gary Belsky,

Now, Discover Your Strengths

Marcus Buckingham

Just Enough Anxiety

Robert Rosen


Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands

Terri Morrison

The Culture Map

Erin Meyer

Secrets to Winning at Office Politics

Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D

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